The Story Store

The Story Store is a pop-up trading post that took place during the 2014 True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri, and the 2014 Art in Odd Places festival in New York, New York, that re-imagined the purchasing processes involved in our everyday experiences. Hearing the story behind an object transforms that object in our eyes, just as hearing a story from a stranger transforms that stranger in our eyes. The Story Store considers how and why we bestow inanimate objects with meaning. When we hear others talk about an object they love, we begin to reconfigure our understanding of that object and the notion of ownership itself. By gathering, representing, and sharing these stories among disparate people and places, we can engender and empower an unexpected medium for community.

Screenshot 2014-02-12 11.27.56

Here’s how it works:

Participants contribute a small, meaningful object to The Story Store. Rather than selling it, they tell the story behind the object. They then have the chance to choose a story and object that resonates with them in exchange.

Take a story. Leave a story.

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