Andrew McFarland

This Must Be the Place

When I started to travel more a few years ago, I got into the habit of imagining myself in the spaces I would soon encounter – a process that always clashed with the experience itself. The mountains seemed smaller, the color less vibrant, the noise too distracting. In a world where we can easily pre-see anywhere we wish to go ourselves, travel boils down to coming to terms with places we already know.

Rather than focus on taking photos of these places that had already been overwhelming documented, I began to turn my camera toward those around me to document that moment when they’ve decided that they’ve finally arrived in that intended place.

The tourist walks to the edge of the railing, draws a camera to his or her face, and thinks, “This must be the place.”

1-IMG_9904 1-IMG_9741 1-IMG_9730 1-IMG_9687 1-IMG_1007 detriomphe IMG_9529 cali05 thismustbetheplace 4745955341_d384ecca9a_o 4727892087_02a8cec92e_o 4571983078_88c5f6ba04_o 4727864343_43f4330f4f_o 4559225834_7ce1673827_o 4509592912_8753e617a2_o 4504172654_1b0f71458d_o 4508941049_517857372a_o 4395883893_7d4fb08d17_o 4360776568_f57159c5e2_o 4316841026_47165af5ab_o ThisMustBeThePlace12 ThisMustBeThePlace10 ThisMustBeThePlace11 ThisMustBeThePlace09 ThisMustBeThePlace08 ThisMustBeThePlace05 ThisMustBeThePlace07The Look-Out ThisMustBeThePlace03

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